Half Cell Module

Technical Information

  • Output 420 to 440 Watt
  • Weight 22.0kg (48.5lbs)
  • Dimension 1722×1134×35mm (67.79×44.65×1.38 inch)
  • Cable Length 12 AWG, 1400mm (55.12in) or Customized Length


EAGLE 54 G6R JKM420-440N-54HL4-B-F1-US
EAGLE 54 G6R JKM420-440N-54HL4-B-F1-US


The EAGLE G6 modules utilize our latest flagship TOPCon cell technology, featuring record breaking cell efficiencies of over 26%. EAGLE G6 TOPCon modules offer industry-leading power and efficiency, along with improved energy performance and reliability.

Bifacial Added Features

  • Bifacial cell architecture allows backside bonus and more lifetime power yield
  • Transparent back sheet allows easier installation BOS cost   
  • Thick front side glass and 30mm frame

Key Features

Superior Aesthetics
Black backsheet and black frame create ideal look for residential applications

N-Type Technology
N-type cells with Jinko’s in-house TOPCon technology offers better performance and improved reliability

Thick and Tough
Fire Type 1 rated module engineered with a thick frame, 3.2mm front side glass, and thick backsheet for added durability

Shade Tolerant
Twin array design allows continued performance even with shading by trees or debris

Protected Against All Environments
Certified to withstand humidity, heat, rain, marine environments, wind, hailstorms, and packed snow

25-year product and 30-year linear power warranty