Eagle 72HM G2

Half Cell Mono PERC Module 390-410 Watt

Technical Information

  • Output 390 to 410 Watt
  • Weight 22.5 kg (49.6 lbs.)
  • Dimension 2008 x 1002 x 40mm (77.06 x 39.45 x 1.57 inch)
  • Cable Length 12 AWG, Length 1400mm (55.11 in)


EAGLE 72HM G2 JKM390-410M-72HL-V-A4-US
EAGLE 72HM G2 JKM390-410M-72HL-V-A4-US


The Eagle G2 modules consist of our Diamond cells. These uniquely designed cells feature high-efficiency mono PERC technology and enable module powers up to 410W.

Eagle G2 modules are available at up to 1500 volts, which helps reduce balance-of-system costs. All are backed by at least a 10-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year linear power warranty.

Half Cell Modules
These modules consist of half-cut Diamond cells. Half-cell modules have twin arrays and thus increased tolerance to shade. There’s also less current loss, so module powers are higher.

Key features

Diamond Cell Technology
Uniquely designed high performance 5 busbar mono PERC cell

High Voltage
UL and IEC 1500V certified; lowers BOS costs and yields better LCOE

Higher Module Power
Decrease in current loss yields higher module efficiency

Shade Tolerance
More shade tolerance due to twin arrays

Reinforced cell prevents potential induced degradation

Strength and Durability
Certified for high snow (5400Pa) and wind (2400 Pa) loads