Tiling Ribbon Module

Technical Information

  • Output 455 to 475 Watt
  • Weight 26.1kg (57.54lbs)
  • Dimension 2182x1029x40mm (85.91x 40.51x1.57in)
  • Cable Length 12AWG, 1400mm (55.12in) or Customized Length


EAGLE 78TR G4 JKM455-475M-7RL3-V-A3-US
EAGLE 78TR G4 JKM455-475M-7RL3-V-A3-US


The Eagle G4 modules utilize high efficiency cells and our new TR technology. By minimizing white space between cells, we enable module power up to 475W. 

Key Features

TR Technology
Tiling Ribbon eliminates cell gaps to increase module efficiency and power

9BB Half Cell Technology
Uniquely designed 9 busbar half cut solar cells deliver ultra-high power in a small footprint

Thick and Tough
Fire Type 1 rated module engineered with a thick frame, 3.2mm front side glass, and thick backsheet for added durability

Shade Tolerant
Twin array design allows continued performance even with shading by trees or debris

Protected Against All Environments
Certified to withstand humidity, heat, rain, marine environments, wind, hailstorms, and packed snow (45mm Hailstones at 29m/s)