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Jinkosolar Unveiled its First N type 405 Wp Panel, Eyes Global Residential Market


SHANGHAI, March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Jinkosolar has announced its new N type all black solar panel specifically developed for home installation, boasting a maximum output of 405 Wp, hitting a 21.22% efficiency, which enables homeowners to fit more power capacity on rooftops than ever before. Black backsheet and frames complete the look of the all-black panel and provides sleek, anesthesia appearance, perfectly matching roofs.

This highly-anticipated all black N type panel will be Jinkosolar’s first-ever panel specifically for home installation and one of the world’s most powerful residential solar panels. Its expanded product portfolio is objected to provide tailored made solutions for each diversified market and deliver greater value to customers.

This does not mean other panels made today won’t do the exact same thing – the industry has become very talented, and knowledge about how to do high quality work spreads fast. But it is true that few manufacturers like Jinkosolar have an actual 55GW delivery track record to back that data up. The widespread deployment of this new home targeted module implies JinkoSolar’s strategy to continue building on its strong leadership position in distributed generation around the world.


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