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JinkoSolar releases its RE100 roadmap committing to be 100% renewable powered by 2025

SHANGHAI, Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JKS), one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today unveils its RE100 roadmap by providing detail on its approach to achieve 100% powered by renewables by 2025.

This roadmap depicts a series of innovative actions to lower emission caused by its operation, which includes:

  1. Build new factories in or adjacent renewable-rich regions to facilitate green electricity source.
  2. Focus on R&D and commercialization of higher power and efficiency solar products to reduce power consumption per watt.
  3. Accelerate study on new and recycled material alternative, less material consumption, “lighterize” and “thinnerize” production, for instance reduce wafer thickness, reduce silver paste consumption without sacrificing quality and reliability, reduce weight of bifacial panel by replacing glass with transparent backsheet.
  4. Optimize process to save energy, for instance to reduce electricity consumed for wafer production.
  5. Adopt an integrated and sustainable view of the product lifecycle, from ideation to commercialization, continuing to increase the use of recycled materials, innovate in product recycling. Keep pace with global PVcycle program and learn good practice from others.
  6. Embed principles of sustainability in the supply chain, using it to guide decisions ranging from product design and factory floor configuration to sourcing and logistics.
  7. Invest more in onsite solar, solar plus storage projects by deploying panels in all suitable rooftops of its global dispersed manufacturing facilities, workshops, warehouse, new and existing office buildings, employee dormitories, to ensure 50% of the consumed solar electricity comes from projects that JinkoSolar built.
  8. JinkoSolar’s R&D centers focus on innovative silicone solar panel recycling technology, and are now partnering with universities and institutions at home and abroad to further develop engineering solutions.
  9. Identify new ways to lower energy use at our all facilities, investing in energy efficiency upgrades, energy saving gauges, smart building technologies, to lower electricity consumption.
  10. Encourage and reward suppliers by upgrading their grade who use renewable energy for JinkoSolar order production.
  11. Process and material innovations, for example carbon-free soldering, metallization process through investments and collaboration with equipment suppliers.
  12. Invest in planting trees, forests, and other nature-based solutions in facilities and communities to remove carbon from the atmosphere.
  13. Help to counteract desertification using desalination powered by solar energy to improve soil conditions.

“We’re proud of our ambitious roadmap we have set for the coming ten years,” said Dany Qian, vice president of JinkoSolar. “As the world’s largest solar module manufacturer, it doesn’t make sense that we produce renewable equipment but not use renewable energy ourselves. We are well positioned to lead the industry in the pursuit of giving the next generation a livable planet, an affordable and sustainable energy solution.”


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